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1.  Participate in the NSRI: Check your inbox starting on October 15th! 

The National Survey on Research Integrity will be launched on October 15th by a trusted and independent third party, Kantar Public. All researchers in the Dutch universities and university medical centers in the Netherlands will be invited to participate in the survey via email with a survey link. All voices matter: check your e-mail for a mail from Lex Bouter our lead PI at (webint@tns-nipo.comor let us know through contact form below if you haven't received one.

2. Follow NSRI on social media to get the latest updates, including news and survey results (expected in Q2, 2021).

3. Sharing: Share the survey in your community, and share our social media content with your followers to help us engage as many researchers as possible in this positive movement.

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 If you filled out the survey but like to be involved in research integrity more closely, leave us a message below. We may like to contact you for future focus group discussions on research integrity.

 If you are journalist looking for interviews or are an organization that would like to support NSRI, our team would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to get in touch.

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