20–22 February 2020 Berlin, Germany

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The main theme of REWARD | EQUATOR conference was “Sharing Strategies for Research Improvement”. It represents an ambition to move beyond the articulation and description of problems, to instead provide greater focus on possible solutions; their development, testing, evaluation and dissemination. You can read more at


Our study “The Dutch National Survey on Research Integrity”, was presented in the poster walks of REWARD. You can view and download our poster here.


Dr. Gowri Gopalakrishna also gave an oral presentation on “Identifying factors that promote and/or hinder responsible conduct of research”. A PDF version of the oral presentation can be downloaded here.

6th World Conference on Research Integrity
2-5 June 2019 Hong Kong

The main theme for this Conference was "The New Challenges for Research Integrity". It explored the application of new research findings to develop new and better solutions to address the current challenges around the world. You can read more at


Our pilot study "A Focus Group Study on Detrimental Research Practices in a Dutch Academic Setting" performed by Dr. Gowri Gopalakrishna, Dr. Jelte Wicherts, Dr. Gerben ter Riet, Dr. Elian Gomez Azcarate Renero, Dr. Brian Martinson, and Dr. Lex Bouter, was presented in the Poster Walks of the WCRI. You can view and download our Poster here

Dr. Gowri Gopalakrishna  also gave an oral presentation on our Randomised Response Pilot Study which will be used in the NSRI. A PDF version of the oral presentation can be downloaded here.​

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Reflection on the Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) Research Conference 2018​

Dr. Gowri Gopalakrishna together with Prof. Hans Evers, at NRIN Research Conference (April, 2018), talked about their impressions of the conference and which topics they would like to discuss in the next edition. You can find their impressions at the NRIN: