Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneskunde recently covered the NSRI's findings about the prevalence of questionable research practices. Read it here (22 April 2022).

Gerben ter Riet, Gowri Gopalakrishna and Lex Bouter comment on a key finding from the NSRI - the commonality of questionable research practices - in Times Higher Education. Read it here (27 March 2022).

Joeri Tijdink and Lex Bouter are featured in EOS Wetenschap, a Belgian magazine, discussing the NSRI's main findings about the prevalence of questionable research practices and research misconduct. Read it here (02 March 2022).

➤ Gowri Gopalakrishna shares her views on the preprint surge and research quality as a result in the national Dutch newspaper NRC. Read it here (22 October 2021).


➤ Preprint advocates must also fight for research integrity. Read Gowri Gopalakrishna’s World View in Nature here (13 September 2021).

➤ How misconduct helped psychological science to thrive. Read Jelte Wicherts' World View in Nature here (7 September 2021).


NSRI 2020 results were covered in:

  1. Research Professional News (23 July 2021)

  2. Nature (22 July 2021)

  3. Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (HOP) (21 July 2021)

  4. The national Dutch newspapers the NRC and the Volkskrant (8 July 2021)

  5. Sciencemag (7 July 2021)


Lex Bouter, professor of methodology and integrity at the VU and former rector, has become 'sadder and wiser' of the way in which ten of the fifteen Dutch universities dropped out in the past year in what should have been the largest research into scientific integrity. "Apparently the subject is still too sensitive." Read the full interview at Ad Valvus here (16 December 2020).


 It was not the investigation method, but administrative considerations, miscommunication and fear of reputation damage due to non-cooperation, that determined the decisions of the rectors whether or not to support the national integrity survey. This is evident from research by ScienceGuide. Read the full article here (9 December 2020).

➤ The National Research Integrity Survey was to become the largest of its kind worldwide, but ten of the fifteen universities are not participating  - Read the full report here on Volksrant (7 December 2020).

➤ UKrant (University of Groningen) covers the NSRI and reasons why Groningen University did not join it. Read it here (30 November 2020).


 Science Magazine recently covered the NSRI. Read the online version here and a shortened version in the print edition of Science Magazine here (25 November 2020).

➤ The University of Groningen news journal recently interviewed Gowri Gopalakrishna on the Dutch National Survey on Research Integrity. Read it here (Ukrant, 18 November 2020).



 NSRI2020 was covered in the Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (which is a national newspaper reporting on higher education and research in The Netherlands)


➤ Articles on the National Survey on Research Integrity

       (Research Professional, 4 December 2020)

       (Wetenschappelijke integriteit is geen afvinklijstje - 20 October 2020)

      (Research Professional, 16 October 2020)

      (Research Professional, 6 December 2019)


➤ Other articles on research integrity

       (Mejlgaard N, Bouter LM, Gaskell G, et a. Nature 2020; 586: 358-60)


       The Hong Kong Principles can serve to illustrate the strong connections between responsible research                         practices, open science modalities and the perverse incentives in the assessment of researchers for                               appointments, promotions and grants.     

➤ Meetings on research integrity