Science magazine recently covered the NSRI. Read it here.


The University of Groningen news journal recently interviewed Gowri Gopalakrishna on the Dutch National Survey on Research Integrity. Read it here. (Ukrant, 18th November 2020)



NSRI2020 was covered in the Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (which is a national newspaper reporting on higher education and research in The Netherlands)



Articles on the National Survey on Research Integrity

       (Research Professional, 16th October 2020)

       (Wetenschappelijke integriteit is geen afvinklijstje - 20th October 2020)


Other articles on research integrity

       (Mejlgaard N, Bouter LM, Gaskell G, et a. Nature 2020; 586: 358-60)


       The Hong Kong Principles can serve to illustrate the strong connections between responsible research                         practices, open science modalities and the perverse incentives in the assessment of researchers for                               appointments, promotions and grants.     


Meetings on research integrity

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