The free registration of this event will open on the NRIN website from half of August 2020.

Jointly organized together with


NSRI Launch Symposium

Let’s talk about Research Integrity        



Afternoon meeting with official launch of the National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI)

Organised by the project team of the NSRI and Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN)



Planning date 15th  Oct 2020, 13.00 - 17.05 hrs


Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam,  with live streaming[1]


Background information

Research institutions have the responsibility to ensure that the research it produces is trustworthy, to merit society’s trust and investment in scientific and scholarly research. Particularly when this is funded publicly. Although this is widely recognized, the pressures and dilemmas faced by researchers in the current system of science and research climate do not adequately facilitate responsible research practices. It is also unclear which strategies should be employed to decrease the occurrence of questionably research practices across different domains of research.


Understanding, as best we can, how researchers foster research integrity and where they face difficulty in doing so is critical to appreciating the differences between responsible research practices and questionable research practices. So, let’s discuss openly the triggers for cutting corners or engaging in research misbehavior and about how researchers are navigating the system of science while striving to improve the quality, relevance and credibility of their work;  about what  researchers, and research institutions can do to help foster research integrity in The Netherlands and beyond.


Who should attend?

This meeting is open to all disciplines of researchers interested in research integrity and relevant stakeholders who contribute to the scientific system. The meeting will be announced online and through the social media channels of collaborating endorsers of the NSRI when relevant.


The event will be held in English so as to enable researchers of all backgrounds to join. This will also allow the recorded presentations to be shared broadly to a non-Dutch speaking audience. The set-up is aimed at stimulating a lively, interactive exchange and dialogue among speakers and attendees.

Participants can join onsite or online depending on Covid-19 circumstance. [1] You can register for the symposium for free on NRIN website from half of August 2020.



                        Moderator: Jeroen de Ridder, chair of the Netherlands Young Academy


13:00               Reception of participants

13:30               Welcome by moderator

13:40               Keynote lecture 

                        What can universities do to foster responsible research practices

                        Klaas Sijtsma (rector of Tilburg University)


14:10                Introduction of different topics around research integrity involving early career researchers


                         Politicizing research and its impact on research integrity

                         Bert Bakker (UvA)


14:25                Research Integrity: what it means to qualitative researchers

                         Roeline Pasman (Amsterdam UMC)


14:40               Relevance of open science practices to research integrity

                         Daniel Lakens (Tu/e)


14:55                Checking robustness of results in four efficient steps

                         Michèle Nuijten (Tilburg University)


15:10                 Break


15:40                Keynote 

                         Why we have too much trust in science

                         Rosanne Hertzberger (NRC Columnist & Microbiologist)


16:10                 Panel discussion moderated by Jeroen de Ridder

                         - Klaas Sijtsma

                         - Rosanne Hertzberger

                         - Bert Bakker

                         - Daniël Lakens

                         - Roeline Pasman

                         - Michèle Nuijten

                         - Jeroen Geurts


16:40                Introduction of NSRI

                        Gowri Gopalakrishna (VUmc)


16:50                Importance of NSRI in times of new Rewards & Incentives

                         Jeroen Geurts (president of The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development and                                 member of executive board of the Dutch Research Council)


17:05                Drinks and Networking


[1] If Covid-19 circumstances demand the symposium will be held as life stream event only. After the symposium videos of the presentations will be made available through the website of the Netherlands Survey on Research Integrity.

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