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We have closed our data collection as of 7 Dec 2020. Next year we will be sharing with you the results of our findings. Follow us here and/or on social media : Twitter (@surveyintegrity); Linkedin for updates.


A timeline of NSRI activities can be viewed here.

Let’s shape the future of research in the Netherlands: together.

As researchers across all disciplines, we understand how much the world relies on the results of our work. That's why it's important we have a say in the way our research is conducted.


"We want researchers to be able to work in an open environment in which they feel responsible and accountable. Science and scholarship can only develop further if people can share concerns about dilemmas and discuss errors made," says Prof. Lex Bouter.

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Joining the NSRI is one of the best ways for you to contribute to the quality of research in the Netherlands. The NSRI is a survey created by the research community, for the benefit of the research community, to gather information on a broad number of issues such as research norms and behaviors, open science practices, competitiveness and work pressure. Your contribution to this survey will help us make recommendations about the way we conduct research and ways to improve this.


The journey towards greater research integrity can easily be misunderstood as an effort to point fingers at poor research practices of the past. To the contrary, as researchers and academics ourselves, we deeply understand the nuances and issues that are associated with this topic. Rather than study the problems, we seek to create positive and lasting change for the benefit of science, researchers themselves, and the greater public.


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